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Compliance & Eligibility


  1. You need to be a full time student enrolled in 12 or more credits.
  2. Must have the a copy of High School Transcript; record of your High School Diploma, GED, or Home School documents.
  3. Have a valid Physical on file with the Athletic Department.
  4. International students must have a copy of your I-20, I-9, Green Card, or passport.
  5. Must be in credited classes and not audited classes.
  6. If you are a transfer student, AN OFFICIAL COPY OF THE COLLEGE TRANSCRIPT MUST be sent to the BRCC Athletic Department.
  7. Since high school graduation if you have not attended college during any semester (non-enrollment), or attended college part-time during any semester you must document what you did outside of college.
  8. If you have been in the Armed Forces, give branch, date of enlistment, and date of discharge.

To further assist BRCC Athletics in determining initial eligibility, student athletes are required to complete the following forms:

Amateurism Questionnaire

Eligibility Afadivit

For more information regarding eligibility, prospective student athletes can read the following brochure from the NJCAA that includes Information for a Prospective Student-Athlete.